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Identity chapter II



Disclaimer: I own nothing. If owned Smallville, CW would  be the number one in ratings and a lot of emmys,  LOL and a lot of chlark and chlois.

Spoilers: between season 4 and 5

Pairings: Chlark, Chlois ;-)


Chapter II:  How is supposed to be


Sam Lane considered himself a great servant to his country, he was a good husband and despite everything that had happened between his two daughters he had considered himself a good father too, but now that wasn’t the case  just the thought of Elle his dead wife who he had love with all his entirety been, thought that he would harm their older daughter was too much for him.

He found himself in front of Gabe Sullivan’s little apartment located in Gotham City, if someone had the right to know the truth was Gabe and of course eventually the girls but he needed to talk with Gabe, he knew Gabe had a special love for Lois that he always received her with open arms when Sam was on a mission and couldn’t take her with him. There was Gabe giving her the paternal security he couldn’t at the moment.

The blood ties was finally calling, now he knew why he shared such a special bond with whom he thought was her niece, Chloe the little blond, he had come to admire. That tiny lady, she was strong,  smart, quirky, witty, bright, curious and so wise for her young age. He was so proud of her, he just couldn’t believe he  being a General of the USA military force, was fooled for this disaster.

He knocked the door and heard a voice saying loudly “I’m coming” he felt himself been watched he realized it was from the hole in the door. The  door  opened and reveled itself to Gabe Sullivan who said “Sam?”

Sam cleared his throat and said “Gabe it’s been a long time, we need to talk; its's important” Gabe made a gesture to his brother in law to enter the apartment which he followed stiff and in an almost insecure mannerism thought Gabe.

“What’s it Sam? Is it Chloe? Lois? Please Sam talk” Gabe felt his heart accelerate Chloe and Lois were magnets to trouble, he wasn’t sure which of them was worst at that fact. Although Chloe was his daughter, to him Lois was his daughter too. “No Gabe nor Chloe or Lois are in danger but it is a situation that concerns them, I really need you to let me do the talk. After i talk, you can vociferate your thoughts ok?" Said Sam with cautious gesture and eyebrows raised as expecting without a word a yes.

Sam Cleared his throat again, he didn’t knew what was going to be Gabe’s reaction but he knew that it was going to hurt. As hurt as he felt himself for Moira’s and Elle’s Secret now revealed. He looked at Gabe and quickly said “Chloe is not your daughter and Lois isn’t mine” Gabe’s eyes were wide and showed the shock and hurt in them, Sam suddenly felt numb as if he was been torn in two.

Finally after a minutes of silence Gabe said “What’s this, please explain it to me, because clearly I don’t understand what you’re saying” Gabe was pleading with his eyes to Sam, to tell him what he said wasn't true and that Chloe was his daughter.

Sam then gave him a piece of paper that for its appearance was rather old, so he took it from Sam’s hands and read it. Meanwhile Sam observed Gabe’s expressions getting harder by the second as in disbelief for how the events have turned to be.

“Why they did this? Why?” Sam didn’t know what to say he was in his same situation, he didn’t know. Finally resolved to say something but Gabe beat him to it “Did you know about this?” now anger clearly spitting on his voice, Sam with a pride demeanor replied  “No, I didn’t know Gabe, I wouldn’t allow it” .

Sam continued then “I found Elle’s diary and decided that after all this years I haven’t had the courage to read it until today, inside the notebook was the letter, I wasn’t going to read it until I realized that the letter was directed to me” Sam sighed and kept going “I’m not a man that shows emotions that easily but today I feel destroyed, as much as I think and try to find a justifiable reason to this… I don’t find it but, Gabe if there’s something that is a fact is that the girls, our girls; they need to know”

Gabe looked at him in the eye and saw how raw was the pain of Sam Lane, it was the first time he saw his brother in law in this condition and the worst part of everything was that he felt it too. He felt that same pain, not because he didn’t want Lois as his daughter because he already thought of her that way but, he hated lies and this was the most hurtful lie he had been told in his life.

Gabe realized that Sam was sitting there waiting for an answer, so he nodded in affirmation and said “I’m going to pack some things. I’m going back to Smallville” Sam then got up from his seat and said with certain voice “Then that makes us two, because we are going to fix this. We are going to somehow reverse this disaster and  things will be  how is was suppose to be”