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Sep. 9th, 2009


Disclaimer: I own nothing. If owned Smallville, Chloe would have gotten her hero a long time ago.

Spoilers: between season 4 and 5

Pairings: Chlark, Chlois ;-)




General Sam Lane sat at his office, stunned with how the events had turned. He couldn’t believe what that piece of paper said. A letter to be more specific, that couldn’t be more surreal. The letter was from his late wife mother of his two daughters…daughters…but apparently, he had raised the wrong daughter.

Elle Lane wrote on the letter, how the events turned to be. He wasn’t present in Lois’s birth, at the time he was on a mission. Elle sent him a picture of little Lois when she was almost 2 year old. At the time he felt guilty because he couldn’t be with Elle in such an important moment in their lives, but Elle calmed him down and told him that he was coming back and they will raised their girl together. When he came home and saw his little 2 year old girl he didn’t feel that special bond with her, "now I know why" he tough to himself sarcastically.

Elle and his sister Moira were at Metropolis when both of them gave birth.  A while later in an unfortunate visit to Smallville, Moira suffered an accident during the meteor shower making her eventually meteor infected. He didn’t know that and Gabriel Sullivan, Moira’s husband didn’t know it either. However that wasn’t Moira’s and Elle’s only secret. A two year old Lois and one year old Chloe were on that meteor shower too…

Lois loved wild flowers and her aunt Moira took her to a lovely garden to show her how pretty the wild flowers were in Smallville. Little Lois was excited and clapped her little hands together, an with a big shining smile on her face her blond locks were falling around her face and her golden eyes showed all the curiosity and wonder higher than any little girl could have. Elle Lane was taking care of Chloe whom still was too sleepy to go with them, so Elle decided to stay with her niece and watched the little angel sleep.

Meanwhile, Moira Sullivan taught her niece the wonderfulness of nature and the palettes of colors that the little town offered to their eyes, Lois was so enthralled with the flowers. She was the spit of innocence and knowledge at the same time. She was gifted with a raw intellect that even in such a short age she showed that special glow in her big eyes, Moira  thought.The Woman observed her little niece while she was playing with the butterflies and the flowers. Then in that precise moment something changed and in a millisecond of time tons of rocks... meteor rocks; were abruptly falling from the sky.

Moira took Lois in her arms and started to run as fast as she could. The only thing she could think in that precise moment was Chloe…Gabriel, Elle, Sam and Lois the little girl, daughter of her older brother. Moira pushed  Lois more tightly in her embrace and realized that not so far was a farm. The woman ran faster and hided herself in that barn with her not so frightened niece.

However, they weren’t safe tons of rocks covered part of the barn and a big peace of heavy wood fell on Moira’s right leg making her fall to the ground still with Lois in her arms who also lost her conciseness,  what they didn't realize is that some rocks  were in direct contact with them. Moira didn’t know what to do; the only thing she could do was scream until someone helped them, so that she did.


Elle started to hear people scream with terror, then heard a desperate knock on her hotel door room, one of the maids told her what was happening and her heart rate quickened, her daughter was out there with her sister in law! , she grabbed the little girl still sleepy in her arms and followed the maid.

Elle found herself with Chloe still in her arms and crying for Moira, they were congregated in a Church, the meteor shower ended leaving devastation in the little town; Elle didn’t know what to do either, her daughter could be hurt or dead and Moira too. Elle looked frantically around her, until her eyes fell on a police officer.


Moira and Lois were found with minor wounds but they were fine despite what happened to them. They reunited with Elle and little Chloe who were looking for them with the police officer that Elle approached early; later that same day after the health clearance to Moira and Lois the to women and their daughters were back to Metropolis.

It was two months after the meteor shower that Elle noticed something wasn’t ok with Lois.A day before Lois fell and got a nasty wound on her knee, and the day after, the  wound wasn’t there at all, it was like she had a fast healing system. Then something even  rarer happened, a bird was found by Lois in the back yard of the house, the little bird had a damaged wing. Elle watched how Lois grabbed the bird and put her hand in the wounded wing. To Elle’s surprise a white glow emanated from Lois and the bird flew away as if  it hadn’t had a damage wing before.

Elle realized that her daughter changed after the meteor shower.Elle told Moira what she saw Lois do, and Moira answered back telling her that she too felt changed. Moira went back to Smallville to run some errands that she haven’t finished, a thief grabbed her purse and Moira started to fight with him, but the man was too strong so he took away with her purse. Moira saw in her hands  found a glove that belonged to the man and as an instinct she ordered him to come back and return her purse, so that;  he did.

Moira stunned realized that she had some power over some minds, but she was afraid to tell a soul, Gabe would think she was some freak and her daughter Chloe wasn’t an option either. So when Elle came to her about Lois she comprehended everything. They were infected somehow and it was clear that was after the meteor shower.

Elle was afraid of Sam’s reaction she didn’t know what to do with Lois, she loved her daughter but she didn’t want to find out Sam’s reaction to Lois problem, she was afraid that Sam in his desperation to cure her, was going to put her trough some tests and if they found out more, her little girl will become a lab rat. No, that wasn’t going to happen because she was going to do everything in her will to protect her Lois.

Moira Sullivan and Elle Lane thought that time was on their favor, Sam was still on his mission and Gabe was working in Edge City, Elle and Moira decided it was for the best for them that Lois stayed with Moira as her daughter and Chloe with Elle.

Sam didn’t knew her daughter yet and neither Gabe. Elle wasn’t that convinced of what they were doing but Moira told her that for Lois, it was the best, Moira was allowed to understand the little girl more than anyone, she was too infected and she loved Lois as if she were her own daughter.

It was a painful exchange for both of them. They were changing the curse of their daughters lifes but it was something that had to be done.

So now Chloe was Lois and Lois was Chloe…