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Identity chapter II


Sep. 9th, 2009


Disclaimer: I own nothing. If owned Smallville, Chloe would have gotten her hero a long time ago.

Spoilers: between season 4 and 5

Pairings: Chlark, Chlois ;-)




Chapter I: Living in a Lie Collapse )


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Chlois Fic: What Cannot be Forgiven

Title: What Cannot be Forgiven
Author: Firebunny (aka firebunny )
Pairing: Clark/Chloe, Superman/Lois Lane
Genre: Angsty sad smut
Rating: R+ (maybe closer to NC-17)
Warnings: Sex, reference to character death in the past
Spoilers: None, but you can think of spoilers for the end of the season if you want.
Timeline: Future fic

Word Count: 1,300

“It’s okay, Lois,” a man’s voice says.  “You’re safe.”
"PW: Do you ever worry that since Chloe Sullivan doesn't exist in the pre-existing Superman mythology that she's still expendable?
Allison Mack: That definitely went through my mind the first few seasons, like, what is my purpose? But I think I've made myself too invaluable to the show at this point. Once Chloe found out Clark's secret I recognized the importance of my character in the show as it was being written now.

PW: Plus, there was a line in the "Legion" episode that implied Chloe may go by a more recognizable pseudonym in the future.
Allison Mack: I think it's really cool that Chloe's destiny isn't determined -- we're creating her life and journey as a team together. I love the idea that we can stick Chloe in anywhere depending on the direction the show goes, because my journey has changed and shifted as the direction of the show has changed and shifted. "


Summer Camp?

I saw this idea from another comm I'm in and I was wondering if y'all would like to try it. I post a 'theme' each week and people can post fic, art, vids, whatnot that tie into that theme. You don't have to and can post reguardless, but I'm wondering if people might find some 'challenges' easier to deal with? Let me know and if so, I have a pretty good idea in mind.